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Our Process

1. Really Get To Know You

We want to get to know you and understand your personal goals. We’ll ask a lot of questions and do even more listening to fully understand you.

2. Organize Financial Data

Our goal is to help you get your financial house in order!  Relevant information includes; risk tolerance, time horizon, current savings, risk management, family dynamics, experience with financial planners and what’s truly important to you.  Providing detailed information allows us to help you prioritize and follow through on financial commitments.

3. Evaluate Financial Status

Once we have your necessary information, we will holistically review your current situation and determine the steps to move forward with a financial plan. Depending on your needs, this assessment could include analyzing assets, liabilities, current & future cash flow, insurance coverages, tax strategies and investment allocations.

4. Develop Plan

Once your situation has been organized and evaluated, you will have a clearer picture as to whether your plan will take you where you want to go. Perhaps you need to increase your savings rate per month, adjust your asset allocation, or take another course of action. Our goal is to help you thoroughly understand your plan and the risks involved…

5. Monitor and Continually Adjust

Your financial plan will evolve over time and change according to life events. Marriages, divorces, career changes, children, tax law changes, inflation, stock market fluctuations, and recessions all require newer perspectives on how to help manage your finances in keeping track with your goals.