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February Financial Foundations Virtual Class

February Financial Foundations Virtual Class

January 26, 2024

My name is Ilyana Gutierrez, I’m part of the team at Platinum Wealth Management, and I will be co-hosting with Jennifer Rogers Markwell & Cosey Gibson our February Financial Foundations virtual class. I'm so excited to partner with you as we journey towards making sense of your money! This four-part series will teach you foundational concepts to increase your financial literacy. There is no charge for this class. We are honored to provide ongoing financial literacy...

Our class will be held virtually:

 Friday February 2nd at 11:30 AM PST

 Friday February 9th at 11:30 AM PST

 Friday February 16th at 11:30 AM PST

 Friday February 23rd at 11:30 AM PST

 As you know, everyone has a unique story, especially when it comes to their finances. Some people are just starting out, some want to learn even more, and others may wish they could start over from scratch. Regardless of where you are on your journey, our mission is to give you hope for the future!


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